The ‘Bruce’s Hat’ (Yearly Only)


$1,000.00 / year

The ‘Bruce’s Hat’ is our Platinum level subscription. You might opt for it if, say, you had an extraordinary episode of dumb luck that brought with it a massive windfall of undeclared cash from a wildly unethical media outlet, but you got greedy and went back for more… and then lost it all. Like a gigantic idiot. A Bruce’s Hat level subscription includes:

• 1 x month’s advertising on the NM website donated to a charity of your choice.
• 2 x bonus banner ads for your charity in NM’s regular email digest (30,000 readers).
• 1 x This Is Not A Greeting Card! mailed to a politician of your choice.


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The ‘Bruce’s Hat’ yearly subscription is for the discerning New Matilda reader who has more money than sense. That special person whose prepared to risk HUGE quantities of cash in the pursuit of something bigger than us all… ego, and the preservation of the patriarchy. Amen.

Bruce’s Hat is the subscription that will make the biggest difference to New Matilda, and it’ll also buy a month’s worth of free advertising for a worthy cause (see below). Let’s face it, what’s left of your money is better in our pockets driving investigative journalism than up your nose, right? And if you do the math, it’s less than the cost of an eight-ball for you and your mates on a bender at a luxury eastern-Sydney apartment subsidised by Kerry Stokes.

Having said that, while other New Matilda subscription levels can be paid monthly, we do require payment of a Bruce’s Hat subscription up front… given your propensity to spend money like a drunken sailor, we don’t want to risk you going bankrupt before you meet all your financial obligations.

A Bruce’s Hat subscription includes:

• 1 x month’s worth of free banner advertising on the New Matilda website, donated to a not-for-profit or Aboriginal enterprise of your choice (choose from the drop down menu above).
• 2 x banner ads for your charity in the New Matilda email newsletter (it goes out to more than 30,000 readers).
• 1 x This is not a Greeting Card mailed to a politician of your choice (choose from the drop down menu above).

Donate Advertising To An Organisation Of Your Choice

From June 2024, New Matilda officially ceased all paid advertising. You can read more about our advertising policy here, but long story short, rather than sell ads to businesses, we sell subscriptions to our readers… who then get to giveaway our advertising spots to a charity or an Aboriginal enterprise of their choice. We also accept requests to add organisations to our list (just include the details in the additional box at checkout).
Once you’ve subscribed, we’ll email you to let you know when and where your donated advertising is going to run. We’ll also check-in with you to determine whether or not you want your name listed next to the ad as a donor (see pic), or if you wish to remain anonymous (we recommend using your name, because it inspires other people to also give generously).
The goal of our new ‘ad strategy’ is to build even greater trust in our journalism, but also to help inspire our readers to focus their attention on organisations that are driving positive change. While at one level, walking away from the traditional media business model (and centuries of corrupt media tradition) feels like ‘not the best financial decision we’ve ever made’, at another level, we sleep better at night, and hope you can too by supporting us.

This Is Not A Greeting Card!

A Bruce’s Hat subscription also comes with a bonus ‘middle finger’ (literally and figuratively) in the form of a greeting card which is definitely NOT a greeting card, and which we’ll send on your behalf to a federal politician of your choice. Just ‘pick a pollie’ from the drop down menu above.
You can read more about our This Is Not A Greeting Card! initiative here, but basically it’s just a creative way for a fiercely independent media outlet to raise revenue while stickin’ it to the man… and also to Michaelia Cash. The inside of the card reads thusly….

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This Is Not A Greeting Card!

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