Peter Dutton

“A Liberal Party of Australia led by Peter Craig Dutton believes passionately in climate change. Starting now! No wait, starting… now!!”
– Peter Dutton in April, May and June 2024, demonstrating his unwavering leadership qualities and his remarkable ability to tap into the hopes and aspirations of all Australian brains located within a 50km radius.

Peter Dutton is the Member for Dickson and the current Leader of the Opposition.

A humble former public servant who managed to amass an extraordinary fortune by the tender age of 26, as a former Queensland police officer Dutton was considered one of the elites by his peers, having never been officially recorded committing a single crime in his 10 years in the job.

As a political operator, Dutton is also without peer in the Liberal Party. Despite New Matilda readers ranking him second in the 2018 Dirty 30 list, Dutton’s capacity to ‘read the room’ and connect with Australians from all walks of life is legendary.

Some of his more stunning recent victories include promising to never again promise to pull out of any climate change agreements; apologising for not apologising to Aboriginal people during the National Apology; and vowing to “get closer to Donald Trump than any Australian politician has gotten before, even if that means risking getting grabbed on my man-pussy”.

Peter lists his hobbies as “changing my mind, bringing people together, and animal cruelty”. He also enjoys receiving an occasional This Is Not A Greeting Card! from New Matilda readers.

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