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New Matilda is independent journalism at its best. The site has been publishing intelligent coverage of Australian and international politics, media and culture since 2004. You’ll find new stories on the homepage daily.



The New Matilda news digest is the best way to keep up to date with our coverage. We publish three times a week – it lands in your inbox on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and in the evening on Sundays. You can sign up to the digest in the little box over on your right, headed ‘Free Tri-Weekly Digest’. Just throw your email address in – it’s a free service.



Our readers are our investors. New Matilda is predominantly reader-funded and remains fiercely independent, with no affiliation to any political party, lobby group or other media organisation. Become a New Matilda funder here.



We believe that robust media is fundamental to a healthy democracy — and there’s never been a more important time for independent media in Australia. With shrinking media diversity, and huge changes underway in delivery, there are fewer and fewer outlets publishing independent-minded journalism like ours.

New Matilda publishes compelling commentary on current events as well as breaking news and investigative journalism. We bring you fresh ideas and new information. We don’t duplicate the stories and perspectives available in other outlets.

Since 2004 New Matilda has published the work of over 1,000 writers. They are journalists, current and former politicians, lawyers, academics, critical and creative thinkers, bloggers, policy-wonks and satirists. Unsolicited submissions are welcome. Click here for information.



Chris Graham is the editor of New Matilda. Before working at New Matilda, Chris founded both the National Indigenous Times and Tracker Magazine. He is a Walkley Award and Human Rights Award winning journalist. You can follow him on Twitter here and you can email him direct here.

Award-winning investigative reporter and researcher Professor Wendy Bacon is a contributing editor for New Matilda. You can follow her on Twitter here, and see more of her outstanding work here.

Journalist Max Chalmers is a former editor of Sydney University newspaper Honi Soit. You can follow him on Twitter here and email him direct here.

Thom Mitchell is New Matilda’s cadet journalist, covering environment and workers’ rights. You can follow him on Twitter here and email him direct here.

Dr Ben Eltham is the site’s national affairs correspondent. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Our regular cartoonists are Fiona Katauskas, Lindsay Foyle and Costa A. Fiona tweets here, and you can check out Costa Comics on Facebook here.

Angela Nicholson is New Matilda’s photographer with 20 years experience, and also runs our advertising, subscriptions and accounts. For advertising inquiries please contact Ange here. Information on advertising with New Matilda can be found here.

Dr Liz Conor writes for New Matilda on all things cultural, and is a scathing satirist.

Michael Brull writes primarily on the Middle East, and Israel-Palestine.

And Dr Lissa Johnson is New Matilda’s newest addition, writing primarily on all things related to psychology (and in particular how it intersects with politics).

Mathew Kenneally files for us from the US, and provides a lot of our satire and international political analysis.

Our in-house lawyer is Geoff Holland, the guru of all things law and defamation.

We are based in Sydney. Frequently asked questions are listed here. You can also contact us with a question or comment. For media enquiries, please email us here. Information on advertising with New Matilda can be found here.

You can follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page. Our You Tube channel – New Matilda TV – can be seen here.



New Matilda reserves the right to publish any threats of defamation that it receives. And we invariably do.


New Matilda operates in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

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