South Aussies For Animals

When it’s not dotting it’s i’s and crossing its t’s in its relentless pursuit of bureaucrats and government officials, you’ll find the good folks from South Aussies For Animals (SAFA) pounding the parks and bushland around Adelaide, and beyond.

The stated aims of the small animal rights organisation are to:

  • lobby for improvements to animal protection laws;
  • provide information to the public on issues and actions to take;
  • network with other animal protection groups to support positive actions by government.

But you’ll also find SAFA folk are inclined to practice what they preach – they routinely go out and ‘get amongst it’, bearing witness to (and documenting) events like the annual duck slaughters in South Australia and Victoria, and turning out to rescue flying foxes, one of the early victims of a warming planet.

SAFA are interested in all animals, and they do everything on the sniff of an oily rag, preferring to direct whatever funds they can scrape together directly into animal welfare. So if animals rights is your thing, then this is the organisation for you.

And by way of declaration, our very own Geoff Russell – New Matilda’s environment writer, maths genius and all round good guy – is one of the brains behind the group, along with his wife (and SAFA president) Dr Suzanne Pope.

Also by way of further declaration, that’s one of NM editor Chris Graham’s two dogs (Puck)… a Kelpie X Groodle. You’ll occasionally see her brother (Frankie) starring in some of the other SAFA banner ads… as if you needed any more reason to support SAFA and New Matilda!