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The ‘Please Explain’ is our Bronze level subscription. It’s the simplest and least complicated of our packages – the ‘Mr or Mrs Ordinary’ of the digital media world, with emphasis on simple… and ordinary. A no frills option, the Please Explain comes with nothing but the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a significant difference to independent media, which, frankly, is priceless. But if that’s not enough, can we suggest you add three or four of them to your cart… see if that feels any better?


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If the ‘Please Explain’ subscription were a car, it would be a Datsun 180B. If it were a restaurant, it would be a fish and chip shop, in Ipswich. If it were an all-inclusive holiday, it would be to Bali… with Schapelle Corby. If it were a… you get the drift.

The Please Explain is the New Matilda subscription you get when you’re too old to ask silly questions about silly prizes, and when you just want to flick some fast cash to an independent media outlet to support their ground-breaking journalism, without worrying about all the stupid bells and whistles that the ‘youth of today’ think signals their virtue.

It comes in both yearly and monthly options (as little as $6 per month, to be precise) and it’s also available in Concession format… $70 per year instead of $99. Just pick from the drop down menus above. And then bugger off back to your New York Times crossword, you glorious bastard.

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