Angus Taylor

“I’m a Rhodes scholar, Mr Speaker. Of course I can read and write better than I can drive a tractor. The spuriousity of this allegation is alarming.”
– Angus Taylor, Hansard, April 1, 2022

Angus Taylor is the Member for Hume, and a former cabinet minister in both the Turnbull and Morrison governments.

Often mistaken for a blue-blood National (because he comes from southern NSW and was named after a breed of cattle), Angus is actually a rolled-gold member of the Liberal Party.

His primary role in parliament before the Libs lost government was to run interference on energy policy and emissions reductions, and when he’s not combing his hair and hanging out in tanning salons, Taylor enjoys being at the centre of political controversies (seriously… google it… it’s ridiculous), which strongly suggests that virtually anyone can become a Rhodes scholar these days.

Angus likes to spend his free time working on his political memoir, My Parents Hated Me And You Can Too!, and he lists his hobbies as “white privilege and racial purity, being a part-time Rum Pig but a full-time Quarter Acre Cowboy, and receiving a This Is Not A Greeting Card! from New Matilda readers”.

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