Jacinta Price

“We are all Australians in this chamber, Madam Speaker. All of us. Australians. Every one of us. Even the Asians from China sitting in the public gallery over there. They’re Australians too. When I go outside, we’re all Australians there as well. We’re all one mob. Just one big mob. I’m your mob. You’re my mob. Those mob over there are my mob too. And your mob. Plus that mob over there. But not that mob there. They’re leftists from the Woke mob. Don’t listen to them – they’re here to silence and divide us. I won’t be silenced. Don’t let that mob tell you that you’re not our mob. Because we’re all our mob. We’re all Indigenous to Australia, even if we weren’t born here. Everyone in the world is Indigenous to Australia. That’s what being Indigenous to Australia is all about. It means being Australian, and being Indigenous, regardless of where you were born. Unless you’re Muslim. Thank you. Freedom. Australia. Is my five minutes up yet?”
– Jacinta Price, delivering her 25 minute maiden speech to parliament.

Jacinta Price is a Senator for the Northern Territory for the Country Liberal Party. Born in Darwin on someone else’s country, Price was raised in Alice Springs, also someone else’s country.

Her father, Cecil, is a white black man, and her mother, Fantasy, is a black white woman. Both are Indigenous and non-Indigenous to Australia, and to Alice Springs and Darwin.

Price herself is black and white, and also white and black. Additional she is both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal, and when she’s not being Indigenous (from 8am to midnight on Mondays and Thursdays) she spends her time being non-Indigenous.

Price is also the shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, as well as the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, along with the shadow Minister for non-Indigenous Affairs and the Minister for Non-Indigenous affairs.

She lists her hobbies as “playing family trivial pursuit, being all things to all people except leftists, freedom, shouting at leftists, swearing in private, and lodging formal complaints against peoplei don’t like”. Price also enjoys receiving an occasional This Is Not A Greeting Card! from New Matilda readers.

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