Ever Wanted To Send A Pollie A Middle Finger Salute? Well Now You Can!


There’s so many ways to be unAustralian these days. Like, believing in climate change. Embracing refugees. Protesting on Australia Day. Picking on Barnaby Joyce. But one thing that is definitely unAustralian is passing up the opportunity to send a politician a greeting card that is definitely Not A Greeting Card!… because it has a middle finger salute featured prominently on the front.

Fortunately, New Matilda has plugged that obvious gap.

From today, to coincide with the anniversary of Tony Abbott doing something remarkably stupid at some point in the distant past, we’ve launched the New Matilda This Is Not A Greeting Card! Campaign.

As the name suggests, it is – quite literally – NOT a greeting card. Instead, it’s a way you can sling New Matilda $20 to support our work in ‘keeping the bastards honest’, while at the same time letting said bastards know what you think of them.

The process is simple:

  1. Go to our shop by clicking here.
  2. Pay your $29.95.
  3. We’ll send one politician of your choice a This Is Not A Greeting Card! (there’s 40 to choose from, based on New Matilda’s wildly popular Dirty 30 list) The inside of the ‘anti-greeting card’ reads like this…

That’s the subscriber’s version. There’s a casual readers version as well.

Your nominated pollie will receive it, likely read it, probably not feel that bad about themself (#becausenarcissism) but at the very least, they’ll be a little bit miffed that the nation’s most reviled (by the political class) online publication has got a little financial shot in the arm courtesy of their general awfulness.

It’s novel, it’s new, it’s a great way to support the work of an independent media outlet that refuses to die, plus all the cool kids are doing it. You should too!

When you do, we’ll tweet a photo of your This Is Not A Greeting Card! being mailed off to the offending pollie. And we’ll send you a text with the image as well (include your email or mobile phone number in the checkout process), so you can share your adventure with family and friends!

Obviously, proceeds from the sale of This Is Not A Greeting Card! go to under-paying over-worked New Matilda writers and contributors for some of the best independent journalism in the country. What are you waiting for? Click here to join the movement.

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