It’s Been Weeks Since Anyone Noticed George Christensen… Hence This


If Christmas and New Year has deprived you of your regular George Christensen fix, provided you’re can suspend your sense of reality once again, we have the medicine for what ails ya!

George Christensen, northern Queensland Nationals MP and star of our 2013 Poop List, actually issued this ‘press statement’ three weeks ago. But with the festive season and everything, and much, much more interesting stuff to read and watch (like the video below of a man crossing a busy street in Vietnam), we’re only just getting around to reporting it.

Headed, Greens target “brown faces” in racist anti-mining campaign, it is, even by Christensen’s standards, bone-jarringly banal.

“DECEMBER 11, 2015: Extreme green groups are guilty of veiled racism in their relentless and targeted campaign against Indian company Adani and its “brown-skinned executives”.

This is a mining development which will breathe new life into Mackay with the jobs and opportunities it will provide. The extreme green anti-mining campaign has only focussed on an Indian company which is veiled racism, and the veil’s pretty thin. It’s almost a case of ‘you can’t trust the Indians’.”

The ‘focus’ on Adani might have something to do with the fact they plan to open the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere, which will create more emissions than entire countries like New Zealand.

That and the fact the company has an appalling environmental record, not to mention quite a corrupt history.

Oh, and there’s the part about the Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s ham-fisted approvals process, which he stuffed up and was forced to redo.

“Along with defaming an Indian company, these extreme green groups are now attacking the Indian brown-skinned executives of that company.

They want to hark back to issues in other jurisdictions, but I’m wondering why they haven’t come out with stories of breaches by Australian, American or British-owned mining companies?

There are a plethora of these white-faced mining companies who have blotted their copy book in terms of environmental management of mines in other countries.

Why is it that the extreme green groups have only gone after a company that is headed by people with brown faces?

Why is it that these extreme green groups have only attacked a mining executive who has a brown face?”

George neglects to provide any evidence of this in his release… and then goes full-conspiracy with a whispering campaign about a whispering campaign.

“Without a doubt the extreme green movement have also started a racist whispering campaign that Adani will only employ Indians at their Carmichael mine, which is completely and utterly wrong.

“First of all, it’s against the law to employ foreigners when Australians are willing and available to do the work, and secondly, Adani have explicitly stated they will not use foreign workers on the mine site.

“The extreme green racism needs to stop!”

As does George Christensen’s access to unfiltered, unplugged media statements which he puts out on behalf of the Turnbull government.

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