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Got A Pulse, A Conscience And A Funny Bone? Then You Need To See Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette


If you have Netflix, and a beating heart, then set aside an hour and watch Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new special, ‘Nanette’.

We’re not going to review it for you. We’re not going to spoil any of the punch lines. We’re just going to tell you… Nanette is some of the best, most powerful comedy ever produced. It’s also probably the bravest comedy ever made, and will make you laugh and cry at the same time – a craugh.

It will also likely inspire the absolute shit out of you, which helps explain why the performance has received five star reviews across the globe, and has won Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. Gadsby herself also won Best Comedy Performer at the Helpmann Awards.

You can find out more details by clicking here.

And here’s the official trailer.

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Louis’ 400 Godparents Announced By Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge


EXCLUSIVE: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen close family friends including Wally Boop and Nicholas ‘Rip’ van Winkle as godparents for their third sprog, Prince Louie The Fly (known colloquially in Australia as ‘Kevin’).

Overnight, Kensington Palace announced 200 godfathers and 200 godmothers for the baby prince, to pay tribute to the number of countries Britain has invaded and ruined over the course of human history.

The lucky godparents include Barry Biggun, The Lady Laura Lingers, Mrs. Robert Carter – nee Hannah Montana – and Lucy Middlefinger.

Mrs Carter is a schoolfriend of the Duchess. They used to smoke crack together in the main quadrangle. Miss Middleton, a grapefruit, is her cousin. Lady Laura Lingers is married to Prince William’s paintball buddy James, who is Princess Charlotte’s right big toe.

Nicholas ‘Rip’ Van Winkle is an old family friend whose daughter Hooah was a bridesmaid at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, while Wally Boop is a near-sighted World of Warcraft expert and reformed paedophile who went to Ludgrove School and Eton with the young Prince William… like all the privileged f*cks they hang out with.

The stunning news has taken the global media by storm. In other less interesting news, a lot of people died in Japan in a terrible flood, Donald Trump is thinking of starting a nuclear war, Aboriginal child removal rates are now exponentially higher than they ever were, and Australia still jails men, women and children in torture camps on faraway islands.

A spokesperson for Australia remarked, “Who gives a f*ck. The Royals had a baby. The media remains in touch with the things that matter to average Australians.”

EROC Releases ‘College Bingo: Rape And Hazing Edition’ As Fall Out From Latest St Mark’s Scandal Grows


Last night 60 Minutes aired damning allegations against the elite St Mark’s residential college which houses students from the University of Adelaide and other South Australian universities.


Antony Loewenstein: The Independent Australian Journalist Everyone Should Follow


If you’re wondering who to trust in a world of ‘fake news’ and corporate media, you could do a lot worse than Australia’s own Antony Loewenstein, one of our nation’s most fiercely independent writers.

Loewenstein recently released a major film, Disaster Capitalism, which has screened around the world, including in Australia. It should be required viewing for anyone with an interest in social justice.

Loewenstein has been a long-time supporter and writer for New Matilda. Below is the latest on what he’s been up to.

At a time of global instability, courtesy of Trump, proxy wars, xenophobia and a range of other ills, how we document these movements is vital. US radio program On The Media covers the far-right and how journalists should tackle the rise of white nationalist extremism in the age of Trump.

My recent work:

Investigation in the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age into the strange case of accused sexual predator Malka Leifer and her court case in Israel.

– My film Disaster Capitalism with New York film-maker Thor Neureiter continues to screen across the world including in New York, Australia, UK, Pakistan (Islamabad and Karachi) and beyond. Many more events to come. Here’s the Q&A after the US premiere at Columbia University with director Neureiter plus a range of experts on the aid sector and my appearance at a screening in Newcastle, north-east Britain.

You can organise a screening, all details here.

– Some of my recent interviews about the film: Melbourne radio Triple R interview, interview in Australian outlet Crikey and NGO Aid Watch analysis.

– Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters recently toured Australia and spent one night in Melbourne in conversation with Palestinian writer Randa Abdel-Fattah and me about politics and Palestine. Here’s the full video.

Essay/memoir in Australian literary journal Meanjin on Israel/Palestine and Jewish identity.

Interview on Sydney radio program Think: Digital Futures on disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico after the recent hurricane.

My book review in the Weekend Australian newspaper on the war correspondent John Martinkus and his fine work since 9/11.

ABC Australia interview on the US embassy move to Jerusalem.

The Wire news radio interview on violence in Gaza and US role in the Middle East.

– Aid organisation CUFA, operating in Asia and across the Pacific, have launched a podcast series about aid and development and I’m the first guest.

My Disaster Capitalism book is to be published in Arabic in 2019 with one of the Middle East’s biggest publishers.

Fremantler? Fremantlian? What The Hell Is The Correct Collective Noun For People From Fremantle


If you come from Newcastle, you’re a Novacastrian. But what the hell is the collective noun for someone who comes from Fremantle?