EXCLUSIVE: NM’s Fresh Footage Of Brutal Peter Costello Assault On Oz Journalist Liam Mendes


Another WORLD EXCLUSIVE from New Matilda… this time we’ve obtained fresh footage from an alternate angle of the brutal assault of internationally renowned Canberra press gallery journalist Liam Mendes overnight, by ageing former Liberal Party bridge troll Peter Costello.

And a TRIGGER WARNING to our viewers: The footage you are about to see of the rampant attack on Mr Mendes by Costello is brutal, and disturbing.

In case you missed it, The Guardian reported this morning:

“Peter Costello, the former federal treasurer and current chairman of Nine Entertainment, has been accused of assaulting a journalist from The Australian newspaper as he refused to answer questions about the embattled media company. But Costello has dismissed the allegations, saying “there was no assault” and that the journalist “fell over an advertising placard”.

Costello was approached at Canberra airport by The Australian reporter Liam Mendes. Mendes began asking questions about Nine’s response to allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at the company. Mendes filmed Costello as he arrived at the airport, asking questions of him as he walked through the terminal.

Footage published on The Australian’s website shows Costello walking towards the camera, which is moving backwards. Costello does not respond to a series of questions about Nine, its handling of recent revelations of sexual harassment and bullying in the organisation, and about Nine’s chief executive, Mike Sneesby.

In the arrivals hall, Costello moves closer towards the camera before appearing to collide with Mendes. The footage appears to show Mendes falling to the ground, although it is not clear from the video what caused Mendes, and the camera, to fall to the ground.

“You’ve just assaulted me,” Mendes says in the footage. “It’s all on camera.”

The Australian’s camera continues to follow Costello to the car park and Costello is asked questions about the incident.

“That was quite violent behaviour, Mr Costello,” Mendes says.

A spokesperson for the violent, racist and misandrist former treasurer claimed that Mr Mendes – a brown peace activist and feminist ally in his spare time – walked backwards into an advertising sign, and knocked himself over.

Brave Australian journalist Liam Mendes remains in intensive care, after being violently assaulted at Canberra airport overnight by former Liberal Party powerbroker and candyman, Peter Costello.

But as the video above (and also below) clearly shows, Mr Costello accelerated into Mr Mendes, who was obviously scared and trying to get out of his way.

New Matilda understands that while the Australian Federal Police have so far refused to investigate the incident on the grounds that “it is patently ridiculous – if journalism doesn’t work out for Liam Mendes he should consider a run at Italian soccer”, they haven’t ruled out also seeking the death penalty for Mr Costello.

“Liam Mendes is a nancy boy,” an AFP spokesperson said, “but at the same time, Peter Costello is obviously an absolute c*nt. We haven’t ruled our further inquiries.”

Most Australians blame John Howard’s bestie for the current housing crisis after more than a decade of middle-class welfare, which drove property prices through the roof courtesy of ridiculous tax breaks and government grants. A spokesperson for Mr Costello told New Matilda to “f*ck off”.

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