Live Below The Line: Help Eradicate Poverty


ADVERTORIAL: Oaktree is one of Australia’s largest youth-run organisations, and Live Below the Line is it’s biggest campaign. This year, Live Below the Line is expected to bring in $1.8 million that will go towards funding and support for locally-run projects underway in Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, and Timor-Leste, which are transforming the education sector in their communities.

Empowered young people with the right tools are undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for creating change.

This idea forms the cornerstone of Oaktree’s mission, both in terms of the projects it supports overseas and the work it carries out here in Australia. In the Asia-Pacific, Oaktree is helping to provide young people with quality education, which can provide the opportunity for these young people to lift themselves, and their communities, out of poverty.

IMAGE: Supplied.
IMAGE: Supplied.

The partners that Oaktree work with are able to harness the power of young people to inspire effective, long-term changes to education in their communities, the effects of which ripple out to the rest of the nation.

The work that Oaktree does here in Australia relies on the enthusiasm of thousands of young Australians who are engaged with Oaktree’s work. They inspire young Community Leaders to make a difference in their local area, and annually coordinate over 800 volunteers in an event called the Roadtrip to call upon politicians to make change on foreign aid policy.

During Live Below the Line, Oaktree harnesses the power of social media to reach tens of thousands of people, and motivates their participants to fundraise, initiate conversation and raise awareness around the issue of extreme poverty. Young people make up the majority of Live Below the Line’s participants, and are a therefore a key factor to the success of the campaign every year.

The youthful spirit of Oaktree brings a refreshing take on the issue of extreme poverty. Live Below the Line runs from 2nd – 6th May this year. It challenges everyday Australians to live on $2 a day for 5 days to raise funds and awareness for those living in extreme poverty.

Sign up to take the challenge here.

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