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ADVERTORIAL: Smart, politically charged thriller EYE IN THE SKY starring Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Aaron Paul explores both the practical application and ethical ramifications of drone warfare.

After years tracking a British citizen-turned-terrorist, a UK intelligence officer (Mirren) finally corners her target in Kenya with the help of high-tech American drone surveillance. As Special Forces troops close in, the discovery of plans for an imminent deadly suicide attack turns the mission from “capture” to “kill”. Then just as the US-based drone pilot (Paul) prepares to launch a powerful Hellfire missile at the terrorist safe house, an innocent girl is spotted in the kill zone, sparking an international debate at the highest levels of government about whether saving one child’s life is worth the almost certain death of hundreds of others.

Traditional military action sees a commander on the ground, capable of making quick decisions. This is not true of drone warfare, which can transmit computerized images around the world to different military and political leaders, all of whom want input on the course of action. So who has the power to make these life or death decisions?

‘Eye in the Sky’ shows profoundly human emotions being tested in a difficult scenario, and invites the audience to begin to debate the merits of using drone technology. When is it OK to use a weapon of war? What are the consequences of using that weapon? And whilst a weapon may be effective at taking out a target, when are the unintended consequences of using that weapon deemed unacceptable? These dilemmas are not easily solved. ‘Eye in the Sky’ moves at a heart-racing pace and takes us into a moral and political minefield in which every decision comes at a steep price.

‘Eye in the Sky’ opens in cinemas March 24.

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