WATCH: Scott Ludlam Rips Greg Hunt For Award ‘It Sounds Like His Mum Made Up’


The Greens’ Deputy Leader has a new idea for a day of national mirth and holiday-making. Get ready for Greg Hunt Day.

Not one to let a moment of social media frenzy pass uncommented on, Scott Ludlam has this contribution to make in the wake of Greg Hunt being awarded the ‘World’s Best Minister’ tag at the World Government Summit overnight.

In an address to the nation, Ludlam called for the surprising event to be celebrated by declaring February 10 a national public holiday. “We want to acknowledge the brazen audacity of Minister Hunt accepting an award for his contribution to dismantling Australia’s world leading climate change laws.”

It goes on.

“Our hope is that the statues built in Mr Hunt’s honour in every capital city will be placed far enough above sea level so that generations to come can honour him.”

You can’t help but get the impression that the Greens are kind of enjoying themselves today.

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