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If you’ve never shopped online before, then Glenn Scott is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime. Not necessarily your lifetime, but definitely somebody’s lifetime. Probably. But wait, there’s more….

This is a Fernergel.

You can tell it’s a fernergel because I just told you.

In fact, I think this is my best fernergel yet, and let me tell you, that’s saying something because I’ve been fernergelling for a very long time now.

When I first started fernergelling, back in the early days of fernergelling, I spent thousands of fernergels trying to craft the perfect fernergel. And after many, many failures I discovered the secret fernergels that most fernergellers won’t tell you about that guarantee my fernergels fernergel consistently, without fail, every fernergel, every fernergel.

Now, in a moment I’m going to share with you the three fernergels that I’ve distilled from those secret fernergels I discovered many years ago that means that you can finally take advantage of my experience and also create vibrant, engaging fernergels that fernergel as consistently, easily and, most importantly, fernergelingly, just like me.

Without needing all that extra fernergelling that other fernergellers will tell you you need.

You don’t need fancy fernergels.

You don’t need big long, clever fernergels.

You don’t even need fernergels that fernergel.

All you need are these three fernergels I’m about to share with you. And the best news is you don’t even need to fernergel yourself. Because if you become a partner fernergeller with me, I’ll fernergel for you. All you have to do is join me in the:


I have specially created just for struggling fernergellers like you.

If you want to get started fernergelling straight away just scroll to the bottom of this page and hit the


button and we can get you started on your fernergelling journey right away. And if you’re not sure if fernergelling is for you, just take a look at what some of my former fernergellers say about fernergelling with me. [Ed’s note: I never understood the beauty of fernergelling until Glenn Scott, a master fernergeller in his own right, fernergelled all over me one night, after a particularly vigorous session of fernergelling.]

And remember, don’t leave before I share the three fernergels that form the foundation of my fernergels.

Former owner of Melbourne’s Wick Studios Facility, Glenn has turned his hand to everything from music producer and venue operator to educator, wholesaler and commercial farm manager. Currently Glenn splits his time between home schooling his 14 yr old son, walking his dog Stella and his new side hustle as guest indignant rant writer for NM.