Trump Just Compared His Looks To Elvis. And You Know What? The Resemblance Is Uncanny


Ah, thank you, thank you very much. That’s what the world is saying to Donald Trump today, in recognition of the fact that his services to comedy and narcissism are wildly, bigly under-appreciated.

In an Instagram post earlier today, the former president of the United States came out, once again, and said what we’ve all been thinking… ‘gee Donald Trump looks a lot like Elvis Presley’.

Over to the big guy:

“For so many years people have been saying that Elvis and I look alike. Now this pic has been going all over the place. What do you think?”

Well… we think the “pic has been going all over the place” because you shared it to social media… so that it would go all over the place. But having said that, we think you look exactly like Elvis Presley. Or rather, Elvis Presley looks exactly like you. Because even though Elvis was born years before you, that doesn’t mean he didn’t try and model his good looks on future Donny Trump.

Because delusion.

The fact is, even Trump’s critics have to concede, the resemblance is uncanny. And the proof is a quick google of the interwebs, which reveals even more examples of the extraordinary doppelgangers ‘doing their thang’.

Behold! Here’s Donald Trump being booked into jail in New York… and next to him is Elvis Presley performing Jailhouse Rock. They could be identical twins.

Doppelganger Elvis Presley, pretending to get locked up to pay tribute to his hero and mentor Donald Trump.

Here they both are in a golf cart. If not for the slightly dated nature of the Elvis image, you’d think it was the same guy, but he’s changed his clothes on the ninth hole, so he could complete the back nine looking even sexier than he did on the front nine (where he shot 23 under par).

Donald Trump (on the right) and Elvis Presley (on the left). We had to caption this photo properly so you knew which one was which.

And here is Elvis Presley looking young and sexy, and Donald Trump not at all looking old, and like he’s just walked into a hornet’s nest and been stung so much his inflamed body is about to explode.

Former US President Donald Trump pictured next to separated Siamese twin, Elvis Presley.

And so, without further adieu, here is New Matilda’s video tribute to the remarkable, amazing, phenomenal, huge, really, really big likeness of Donald Trump and Elvis Presley… set to the award-winning tune (written and recorded by Donald Trump), Are You Lonesome Tonight.

Now if you’ll excuse us… we’d like to be alone with the video now.

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