Let’s Get Through Monday By Hating On Religion For A Little Bit


It’s Monday, and Israel is still slaughtering Gazans; America and Great Britain (with the help of their sycophantic little brother Australia) have begun bombing Yemen; Russia is still blowing up Ukraine, and Ukraine is still pretending it doesn’t have a problem with Nazis; religious-based terrorism in Pakistan officially claimed more than 1,000 lives last year; media like the ABC are still trying to provoke a war between China and Taiwan (elections in Taiwan over the weekend saw the pro-Beijing KMT secure more than one-third of the vote, making them the largest single party in parliament); and Donald Trump is still on track to win the second episode of Fantasy Island, aka the American presidency.

In other words… things are still pretty shit. So… at times like these – specifically, midday on a Monday – it’s best to turn to comedy, especially when that comedy shits all over evangelical religion.

Our featured star today is known simply as ‘Godfrey’… also sometimes ‘Godfrey Comedian’. And his assault on all things Bible below is a good way to stave off a depression induced by a world gone mad. Enjoy!

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