New Matilda Beats Daily Mail Australia To Exclusive About Anti-Semitic Indian Myna Bird Targeting Legendary Jewish Blues Guitarist Lloyd Spiegel, Stoking Racial Tensions Across Multicultural Melbourne Which Is In The Grips Of Neo-Nazi Expansion


It’s like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie… or maybe a Daily Mail exclusive. But definitely also an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

According to a social media post by legendary Australian Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel this week:

“For a month now I’ve been woken by this bird banging on my bedroom window. Then it attacks my car. Not my neighbours windows or cars. Just mine. It’s personal.

I’ve reached two possible conclusions.

  1. It’s a remote control bird being flown by an Uber driver I made a complaint about last month.
  2. This particular bird is antisemitic.”

Indian Myna birds were brought to Australia in the 1880s and released to catch insects. They’re listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the 100 most invasive species on earth. So obviously, no-one likes them.

By contrast, Lloyd Spiegel is one of Australia’s most accomplished Blues musicians, having worked as a solo performer since the mid-1990s. He’s toured extensively all over the world, and is one of Australia’s most awarded Blues artists, winning ‘Artist of the Year’ three times at the Australian Blues Awards, and five Album of the Year Awards.

For the real music nerds, Spiegel works with the equally legendary Cole Clark Guitars (a Melbourne company known worldwide for the quality of its instruments) and has had four signature models named after him.

He recently released his 10th album, Bakehouse Dozen. You can visit his website here and catch him live by following his Australian touring here (he’s playing next month at the Mitchell Creek Rock ‘N Blues Fest in Queensland).

Given the Sunshine State’s large bird population, there’s no word yet on whether or not Spiegel will be accompanied by security.

* CORRECTION: This story originally referred to Noisy Myna birds. In fact, they’re Indian Myna birds. Which makes the racism/antisemitism angle even more shocking and relevant!

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