Tom Tanuki And The Cooker Conspiracy


If Youtube is your thing and you’re not following Australian writer and satirist Tom Tanuki, then you’re missing out.

Tanuki is the genius behind the nickname ‘Cooker’ which is catching on around the country and is variously being used to describe the freedom/wellness/anti-Trans movement which sprung up in the early days of the ‘plandemic’,

Or as Tanuki himself likes to call it, ‘lifestyle-ism’.

In a nutshell, Tanuki has become one of Australia’s leading commentators on Australian extremism, everything from neo-Nazis and white supremacists to the ‘wellness gurus’ who object to men in drag reading stories to children. You can watch his latest evideo on exactly that below.

Tanuki’s videos are always engaging, and exceptionally well informed. You can follow his channel on Youtube here, and on Facebook here.

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