All Hail King Charles… Now That Alan Partridge Has Made Him Almost Bearable


Couldn’t sit through the 14-hour live coronation ceremony of King Charles III last month, because, you know, watching paint dry had more appeal? Well, there’s good news. We’ve had to wait more than a month, but you can now experience the real reason the British Empire collapsed (amid the unbearable weight of its own pomp and ceremony) without vomiting back up some of your lunch, courtesy of an 18-minute segment of the coronation featuring the commentary of Alan Partridge, England’s consummate media personality and premiere Royal Watcher. 

[ED’s NOTE: The original video with this post was removed after a copyright complaint by the lousy BBC (because, you know, it’s not like the taxpayers funded the broadcast). Unfortunately, all we have left is the following video, which is audio only (the original podcast from Coogan). It’s still worth its weight in gold.]

If you’re not sure who Partridge is, he makes even the most ‘British’ of moments tolerable. The creation of comedian and satirist Steve Coogan (along with writer Armando Iannucci, the brains behind, among other things, In The Spin), Partridge is described on his Wikipedia page thusly: “A parody of British television personalities, Partridge is a tactless and inept broadcaster with an inflated sense of celebrity.”

Without wishing to spoil any of the punchlines, this is a random line from Partridge’s commentary of Charlie’s coronation: “Today… a chance to look back and to cherish the many happy memories we have of the former Prince Charles. Of course, the investiture of a rather awkward 21-year-old with big ears and a plum in his mouth. But he was to blossom from what many would openly admit was an ugly duckling. He has grown into, perhaps not a swan, but certainly a very fine goose.”

Definitely in the upper echelons of Best Things On The Internet. If you want more Alan Partridge, then Baby Cow Productions is his home on Youtube.

And some bonus footage: Alan Partridge outtakes… enjoy.

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