The Gun Control Interview That Goes Horribly, Terribly Wrong


If you thought Prince Andrew’s now infamous BBC interview where he was quizzed about his sexual abuse of a 17-year-old girl was a train wreck, then you’re definitely going to marvel at comedian Jon Stewart’s interview with a US state senator on gun control.

It is, to put not too fine a point on it, the mother of all train wrecks. Where the BBC took almost an hour to unravel and then annihilate Prince Andrew, Stewart executes Oklahoma state Senator Nathan Dahm in under 10 minutes. It’s quite something to watch… particularly if you consider who Stewart is, or rather, who he is not.

Stewart, in case you don’t know him, was the long-time host of the US ‘comedy’ program The Daily Show. We’re using air quotes here because The Daily Show was also once one of the highest rating ‘news’ shows on cable television. And we’re using air quotes again because… well, Stewart is a comedian and The Daily Show’s lead-in program used to be Crank Yankers, a foul-mouthed US adult puppet television show.

Stewart retired from the program in 2015, just as Donald Trump was ascending the throne to the US presidency, prompting widespread (and increasingly desperate) demands for Stewart’s return. He finally did come back, in September 2021, with The Problem with Jon Stewart. And the problem with that? The show is only available on Apple TV, one of the smaller of the online streaming services.

Even so, you can occasionally get some of his better interviews on Youtube. And on that note, without spoiling any of the one liners, it’s over to Stewart, who delivers what is almost certainly one of the truly great interviews of 2023… and we’re not even halfway through the year.

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