Is Child Labour Really That Bad, Asked Every iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or Tesla Owner Ever


If there’s two things modern day lefties hate, it’s environmental vandalism and child labour. Oh, and Joe Rogan. And Elon Musk. And so this is where it all gets very, very confusing and confronting.

Elon Musk is perhaps the mother of all Twitter trolls and delights in upsetting people while promoting hate-speech. But he also happens to be leading the charge to save the planet via electric cars. So in addition to ‘douche in chief’, he’s also an environmentalist hero.

Except that renewable energy requiring batteries for storage leads to the exploitation of children. Black children, no less, which really infuriates lefties. And all that’s just been exposed by Joe Rogan. Cue the heads of lefties exploding everywhere.

If you missed the recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, you can catch it anywhere that you normally find podcasts, or here on Youtube.

Basically it outlines what New Matilda’s Geoff Russell has been warning of repeatedly over the years – the real price of solar and batteries. Specifically, the child labour required to mine the rare earth metals like Cobalt that go into things like Tesla cars, or actually anything that requires a Lithium-Ion battery.

This is a tweet from the author of the research, Siddharth Kara that Rogan highlights, which helps explain things a little better.

And if you’re reading this on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy… yeah… it’s about you.

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