Leftist Media Seeks Photo Of Hero Andrew Bolt On Front Line, Like This One



As the bushfire crisis gripping Australia continues to play out, many heroes have emerged.

Andrew Bolt, unfortunately, so far hasn’t been one of them. But it’s obviously only a matter of time, because no-one loves this country like Andrew Bolt does.

While you all sleep, Andrew Bolt stays awake all night. He never rests. Instead he whiles away the hours, for almost no recompense (except for a couple of huge salaries from several media outlets) saving us all from the science of climate change.

Other people, however, have decided to focus their energies on saving us from the effects of climate change. Horses for courses.

People like Bruce Pascoe, an Aboriginal historian and the author of Dark Emu, a book which has rewritten the history of this continent prior to colonisation.

Aboriginal author and historian, Bruce Pascoe, signed by Aboriginal publishing group Magabala two decades ago.

Dark Emu, now in its 25th reprint, explores the Australian history through the eyes of the invaders… literally. Pascoe has trawled the diaries of the ‘Great Australian explorers’ for their observations on Aboriginal life.

The book, ironically, talks in some detail about Aboriginal land management prior to the arrival of the British. And it relies on the first-hand evidence of the explorers in making the case. In other words, you might not believe the blackfellas, but here’s the whitefellas saw.

For obvious reasons, like the bushfires smashing this country, Dark Emu represents a clear and present danger to Australia, in particular the official Australian narrative about the ‘backward hunter-gatherer people’ who occupied these lands before we did.

Almost certainly soon-to-be fire hero, Andrew Bolt.

For that reason, the book has attracted the interest of people like Bolt, who for months now has been waging his own personal jihad via his substantial media profile at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and Sky News.

Bolt’s current theory is that Bruce Pascoe isn’t a ‘real Aborigine’. Of course, most will remember that Bolt has been down this path before, and ended up emerging from the Federal Court as a ‘convicted racist’.

Pascoe is Aboriginal – that’s been widely known and celebrated in the broader Australian Indigenous community for 20-plus years, which is roughly how long Pascoe has been writing books about Aboriginal people.

And as it turns out, Pascoe is also a bushfire hero.

This post appeared on the Facebook page of Multicultural Greens Victoria yesterday. It’s based on a tweet from a Victorian resident (Charles Livingstone), and an image from photographer Justin McManus.

It depicts an exhausted Bruce Pascoe returning from the fire-front near Mallacoota… an area that faced a fire threat so severe thousands of people had to evacuated from the area by land and sea.

The post also requests, somewhat ambitiously, any photographic evidence of Andrew Bolt ‘doing anything other than ‘carping on about the blacks’ (our language, not theirs).

If anyone does have access to a photo of Andrew Bolt bravely staring down the effects of a climate emergency he says doesn’t exist, please forward it on.

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