We’ve Launched A Fundraiser To Send ‘Scotty From Marketing’ Back To Hawaii



Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder. Scotty from Marketing, and the army of spin doctors he employs, should think seriously about that, given that the more our Prime Minister moves around a fire ravaged country, and says stuff, the more people hate him.

So we’ve launched a fundraiser to send him back to Hawaii. You can view it by clicking here.

There’s some irony, of course. It was Scotty’s absence (on a holiday in Hawaii while the nation burned) that sparked this whole mess. Excuse the pun.

But there’s no denying that Australia would be a damned sight happier without Scott Morrison, and Scott Morrison would be a damned sight happier in Hawaii. He’d also do a lot less damage over there.

So we’ve launched a fundraiser with the modest goal of $3,000 – the cost of a First Class one-way airfare to Hawaii.

If Scotty refuses to go – which admittedly, is reasonably likely – then we’ll donate 100 per cent of funds raised (Facebook charges zero fees) to WIRES, the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, which has, for decades, done a power of work to protect and heal our native fauna.

WIRES volunteers are obviously getting smashed right now… although not as smashed as our wildlife.

You can also get information on wildlife organisations in your own state by visiting this link.

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