The Life And Times Of Warren Mundine, According To Two Wild Black Women



Given our interest in reporting Aboriginal affairs, we’ve had a few inquiries from New Matilda readers about Warren Mundine, the Liberal Party candidate parachuted into the seat of Gilmore on the NSW South Coast.

Mundine is an Aboriginal man, and the former president of the federal Labor Party. He had a few cracks at getting into Federal Parliament – in 2001 and again in 2012, but in the case of the latter, was passed over for Bob Carr.

Mundine quit Labor in a huff, and joined the Libs a few years later, after serving as an adviser to Tony Abbott while Prime Minister.

He’s now contesting one of the most marginal seats in the country – Gilmore’s held by the Liberals with a margin of less than one percent, and while it’s only been held by Labor in recent years once (in 1993) votes have consistently bled away from the Liberals over the last two elections.

Hence our tip that whatever you do or don’t think of Warren Mundine, you possibly won’t have to add an MP to the end of his name after May 18.

In any event, good taste, a PG rating and defamation laws prevent us from telling you what we do actually think of Mundine. So we thought we’d leave it to the Wild Black Women to give you the general vibe of how Mundine is viewed in Indigenous circles.

And in case you’ve missed them, Wild Black Women is better known as Dr Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley, and their weekly program on 98.9 FM in Brisbane. It’s one of the best black radio programs in the country, but you might want to find a comfortable place to sit down before you start listening… they don’t hold back. This episode in particular (10 Men Behaving Badly).

WBW airs every Friday at 9am. You can hear it streamed live here. Enjoy.

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