Punching Nazis: Adam Hills Thinks White Supremacists Shouldn’t Be Egged. Aamer Rahman Might Beg To Differ


The furore – if you could call it that – over a teenager cracking an egg over the head of Senator Fraser Anning – who blamed Muslims for their own slaughter in Christchurch on Friday – has cranked up a notch, or two.

A second video of Anning being confronted at Melbourne Airport has emerged. It features a very angry man following Anning to his gate, and letting him know precisely what he thinks of Anning’s comments about Christchurch.

Australian comedian Adam Hills – who once used Twitter to suggest hanging Pauline Hanson from the Harbour Bridge – has also decided to weigh into the debate around Anning… and apparently he’s not amused.

The tweet has thus far not fared well with his half million followers, with more than 1,700 replies. If you can find a supportive comment amongst them, you’re doing better than us.

Hills has been living in London for years, although he still does occasional work on Australian television.

This tweet perhaps best sums up the mood of the room.

Whatever your view, Hills has his own perspective, but here’s another, from Aamer Rahman, also an Australian comedian and a proud Muslim man, discussing whether or not it’s okay to punch Nazis.

Rahman is, of course, the other half of comedy duo Fear of A Brown Planet, which also featured Nazeem Hussain.

Hussain just wrapped up a tour in Brisbane over the weekend. Tickets to his new show, Basic Idiot, are available here.


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