PODCAST: Kanye West, Jews In Wentworth, It’s OK To Be White, And Other Stuff That Happened


Every week on a Thursday, three handsome young men (handsome in this case being subjective, and young, in at least one case, being imaginative) take to the studios at radio station 98.9FM in Brisbane, to record a one-hour show about, well, about something.

The unimaginatively program is titled, ‘News in Conversation’, and features none other than New Matilda editor Chris Graham, along with his buddies Kaava Watson and Jacob McQuire, with occasional guests.

Each episode, Jacob, Kaava and Chris shoot the breeze about ‘all things news’ and try to put the big events of the week into some sort of context.

That’s the official blurb. What often ends up happening is someone rants about something they hate, someone insults someone else, people get defamed, there’s a pillow/tickle fight, and then they all make up and promise to do better the following week.

‘News in Convo’ is actually produced for the National Indigenous Radio Service (Chris is the general manager of NIRS by the day, and the swash-buckling editor of New Matilda by night). It’s also part-funded by the good folks at the Community Broadcast Foundation, and airs on NIRS every Thursday night and Saturday morning (it’s beamed around the nation by satellite to more than 120 community-owned Aboriginal radio stations).

With that in mind, it’s entirely possible New Matilda readers might enjoy it as well. So here it is, in all its glory, in podcast form.

If NM readers like it enough, then we might look at doing a specific New Matilda podcast as well. But with much rougher language, the sort that your grandparents probably warned you about.

Add your feedback in the comments section below.

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