The Liberals Made Political Projections A Thing. Now They’re Paying For It


Only a fortnight ago, the state of NSW was embroiled in a grand moll hoo-hah over NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian caving into shock jock Alan Jones bullying, and directing the Sydney Opera House to project ads for a horse race onto the sails of the Opera House.

And now, having put ‘projections’ well and truly onto the political landscape, the Liberals are having to pay for it in NSW… and beyond.

With the Wentworth by-election soon to kick off, Greenpeace decided to do some polling of the seat to determine what really mattered to voters. As it turned out, tackling climate change was top of their list (40%).

But Greenpeace also decided to get a little creative with their own campaigning… and so they went full ‘guerilla projections’ on the side of Westfield Bondi Junction, one of the busiest spots in the Wentworth election.

Enjoy the fruits of Greenpeace’s labour, with kind the assistance of the Liberal Party and its seemingly endless capacity to screw things up.

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