VIDEO: We Threaten Peace Loving People Everywhere – The Cleverest Fake News Yet


Every now and then you come across a spoof video that is so seamless in its creation, it forces you to seriously question whether it really is ‘fake news’.

So is the story of ‘Trump’s shockingly honest UN speech’, a video uploaded to Youtube recently by US journalist Max Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is the editor of the Grayzone Project, and is a prominent US writer on a host of issues, in particular Palestine.

Blumenthal re-edits a video of a recent speech delivered by US president Donald Trump to the United Nations – the one that sparked titters of laughter from the General Assembly after Trump crowed about his amazing achievements as the Commander in Chief – and gives the address a more, shall we say, ‘accurate summation of what Trump really stands for’.

The video has only received 6,000 views on Youtube, so you didn’t quite see it here first, but it definitely deserves a great deal more. Here it is, for your Friday viewing pleasure.

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