Fremantler? Fremantlian? What The Hell Is The Correct Collective Noun For People From Fremantle


If you come from Newcastle, you’re a Novacastrian. But what the hell is the collective noun for someone who comes from Fremantle?

Yesterday, we posted details of a Sparkke Change Beverage Company Beer tasting, to be held at Fremantle tomorrow evening.

Our (New Matilda is a partner of Sparkke’s) gold-medal slinging head brewer Agi is hosting a FREE masterclass and tasting in her hometown… rock up to Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle from 7pm to meet the woman behind the brews and learn a few tricks of the trade!

But in trying to alert the public to the most prestigious event, it emerged we have no idea what to call people from Fremantle.

Suggestions thus far have included an ‘Intelligence’ and a ‘Kebabage’. Comment below… keep it clean (it’s a lovely town!).

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