The Frankenstein Chronicles: When Base Right-Wing Populism Blows Up In Your Face


It’s so spectacularly stupid, that in any other circumstance, you’d just assume it was clickbait. But this is no clickbait… this is Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun… the newspaper that put the ‘bloid’ back in tabloid.

Earlier this week The Sun published a story with the headline, “FLAKENSTEINS: Snowflake students claim Frankenstein’s monster was ‘misunderstood’ — and is in fact a VICTIM”.

Well, yes… not all that surprising, given that’s exactly what what Mary Shelley’s iconic novel – one of the highest selling books globally of all time – is actually about.

The scientist (Frankenstein) is in fact the ‘monster’ and the ‘monster’ is indeed the victim. The whole theme of the novel is about how the monster is misunderstood.

But here’s The Sun’s take on it.

English author Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein has terrified millions since it was first published in 1818.

In it, scientist Victor Frankenstein’s monster gets snubbed by society and then murders his creator’s brother, pal and bride. But an academic has revealed growing support for the beast in the introduction to a 200th anniversary edition of the book.

Prof Nick Groom, of Exeter University, said: “When I teach the book now, students are very sentimental towards the being. But he is a mass murderer.”

He then asked: “If he’s not human, but he is intelligent and sentient, does he have rights?”

In a fresh development which is even more satisfying, sharp eyed internetters appear to have caught one of the ‘journalists’ responsible for the ‘story’ – Thea Jacobs – altering her Twitter profile. What she apparently changed in her profile description is almost as delicious as the story itself.

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