Milo Yiannopoulous: The Forces Are Lining Up Against The ‘Gay, Jewish Lover Of Blacks’


He claims to hate ‘identity politics’, but curiously, British-American blogger/activist/comedian/hate-speech promoter Milo Yiannopoulos is the first to retreat to it when he feels threatened.

Unarguably his most uttered public phrase (apart from repeatedly describing himself, loosely, as the greatest, most significant everything in the known universe) is to argue that he can’t possibly be a fascist or a racist, because he’s gay… and Jewish… and his boyfriend is black.

Go to any Milo video on Youtube, and you won’t have to wait long for Yiannopoluos – a man who earlier this year promoted paedophilia – to play the identity politics card. We randomly selected this video… he lasts just two minutes and 17 seconds before trotting out his well worn ‘I’m not racist because’ line.

Spectacular hypocrisy aside, turns out ‘the Jews’ in particular aren’t real keen on Milo peddling his religious heritage every time he opens his mouth.

Jewish antifascist group ‘Jews Against Fascism’ have announced this morning they’re planning to join with other antifascist and antiracist groups to demonstrate Yiannopolous’ Australian appearance (in Melbourne) tonight. The protest is being coordinated by the Campaign Against Racism And Fascism (CARF).

Here’s JAF’s media statement, which leaves no-one in any doubt what they think of Yiannopoulos’ special brand of bigotry:

Dr. Jordana Silverstein, spokesperson for ‘Jews Against Fascism’ said ‘Milo claims that his Jewish ancestry means he can’t be an antisemite or a Nazi sympathiser. We call bullshit on this.’

‘Milo, who is a practicing Catholic, has very well documented links with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups and individuals. This includes him being apparently quite happy to have Richard Spencer sieg heiling his karaoke performance.

Milo’s Australian tour has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with building support for racism, misogyny and fascist ideology. In a situation where Aboriginal people and asylum seekers face the full brunt of Australian racism every day, Milo only adds more fuel to the fire.’

Max Kaiser, ‘Jews Against Fascism’ spokesperson said ‘Milo has proven how dangerous he is by saying all Australian Muslims should be deported. We find nothing funny, transgressive or edgy here. We find instead a pusher of very serious and threatening ideas that Jewish people know about all too well.

“We stand in solidarity with our Muslim siblings against this hatred. Milo should not be allowed to spread his poisonous bile. We take seriously the post-Holocaust injunction ‘Never Again’ which to us means fighting until the last fascist is wiped off the face of the earth.’

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