Blessed Are The Christian Rock Cakes: The Great Tweets Of Marque Lawyers


Admittedly, they help keep us out of jail, so we’re a little biased. But that’s not the only reason we love Marque Lawyers.

If you follow the Sydney law firm’s Twitter account, you’ll understand that not only do they ‘do law differently’, but that they have a somewhat acerbic wit. Nothing is sacred… well almost nothing – they posted a rather nice tweet recently about banning the climb at Uluru.

From celebrating Mark Latham falling off a chair and accusing The Australian of “running ads by Satan”, to “blessed are the Christian rock cakes for they will be protected from hungry gay mouths ”, a Sunday morning scanning Marque’s tweets is a thing to behold.

So, for your sabbath entertainment, here are some of the Great Tweets Of Marque Lawyers (you can follow them on Twitter here, by the way… and we should also note, we also love our in-house pro bono lawyer Geoff Holland. But Geoff doesn’t tweet. Wake up Geoff).

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