WATCH: Videos That Got More Views Than Any New Matilda Story, Ever


When you work in independent media, it’s important to keep things in perspective… what with the all power and fame that constantly surrounds you.

So, in the interests of keeping ourselves grounded, we’re launching an occasional new series called ‘Videos That Got More Views Than Any New Matilda Story, Ever’.

It’s part ‘excuse to run ridiculous videos that make us laugh’, and part ‘passive aggressive way of highlighting the banality and disinterest of the broader population’. Because deep down, despite our magical independent media powers, we’re really just bitter, angry haters.

Having said that, we also love irony, and the thought of retirement… and so, if one our of our stories about ‘Videos That Got More Views Than Any New Matilda Story, Ever’, goes viral, and gets more views than any other New Matilda story… we’ll close up shop for good.

For posterity’s sake, the most read story in the 14-year history of New Matilda – with 1,320,683 views – was this one, written about selective western grief in the shadow of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

And now, with the boring background out of the way, here’s what you all came to see… the first in our series ‘Videos That Got More Views Than Any New Matilda Story, Ever’.

We’re not going to spoil the punchline, but this one is called Hungry Chicken. It features a rubber bird looking for lunch, and at the time of press had enjoyed 2,389,093 views, about one million more than New Matilda’s top story. Enjoy.

By way of bonus videos, this one, called ‘Shredding Screaming Rubber Chickens Shrilling’ has had almost as many reads at the top NM article (at 1,292,110), and will likely surpass us in the coming weeks.

And as a final bonus, this one is a long way short of the top New Matilda article, but we wouldn’t be all that offended if it eventually knocks us off. Well, maybe a little offended.

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