WATCH: Hilarious 2-Minute Monkey Video Explaining Capitalism, Why The Gender Pay Gap Makes Women Angry, And Why Politicians Abuse Their Allowances


Humans are supposed to be the ‘higher primate’. As climate change and capitalism slowly strangle our planet, that’s obviously going to be a matter of ongoing debate, but one thing that beyond arguing is that other primates share many of our emotions and world views.

Particularly, as it turns, anger and frustation at being treated unfairly.

Eneter capitalism… and this video, which is a short excerpt of a Ted talk, by Frans De Waal, a renowned Dutch primatologist and ethologist (a fancy way of saying he studies the behavior of monkeys).

It’s probably the simplest explanation (in two minutes and 43 seconds) about what happens when some people get less than others for the same work.

Please share (literally, and figuratively!).

UPDATE: And from a New Matilda reader, you can watch the extended version of De Waal’s talk here. Thanks Mark 🙂

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