Turns Out ‘Fakes News’ Is Pretty Real, You Just Need To Know Where To Look


Unsurprisingly, the best place to get your news on all things United States these days is not from the traditional news sources. It’s not that they’re ‘fake news’ in the way Donald Trump describes them. It’s just that they’re mainstream media… enough said.

So where does new Matilda get its US news?

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is an excellent source of news that we’ve profiled before. It’s particularly good for major stories that aren’t necessarily cracking the mainstream.

But there’s also Trevor Noah. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy who replaced Jon Stewart last year on The Daily Show.

Noah has taken a little time to find his feet, but he now routinely delivers some of the best daily take downs and scathing analysis of US politics. It’s underpinned by great comedy writing, but even better journalism and research.

This video is from the recent Doha Comedy Festival… Doha of course being the capital of Qatar, a nation currently under diplomatic assault from Saudi Arabia and allies.

The interview was hosted by Al Jazeera… the Doha owned news service which is a large part of the reason for the diplomatic assault. The Saudis, the US and others routinely attack Al Jazeera as biased and supporting extremists… which could equally be read as a news service that doesn’t toe the US political line.

In any event, Noah makes some very candid remarks about the stupidity of a world leader delivering policy by tweet.

Despite a ‘free trade agreement’, Australia access to the Daily Show website is blocked. But you can catch a lot of Noah’s work on Youtube here.

While you can choose from any number of clips of Noah stripping bare the Trump presidency, this video is highly recommended.


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