Vicente Fox, Former President Of Mexico, Trolls Donald Trump, And It Is Glorious


And Vicente Fox says his country still won’t pay for the ‘f*ken wall’.

Donald Trump may be a human train wreck and a danger to planet Earth, but he is also to politics what glitter is to Andrew Bolt.

Highly entertaining.

Thus, it’s hard to imagine anyone producing anything funnier about The Donald than the The Donald could actually produce about himself.

Enter, Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, who has released a video currently going viral on Twitter (how fitting) which takes the piss out of the world’s greatest clown, courtesy of the Super Deluxe twitter handle.

Fox’s message is that Mexico still will not pay for “the fucken wall”: “Under no circumstances will we pay for this stupid, useless racist monument,” he says.

And then Fox gets his funny on.


“Look at this schematic I downloaded from the dark web. It is a ladder Einstein. You’re going to build a $25 billion wall that can be defeated by a $25 ladder.”

Instead, Fox suggests Trump spends the $25 billion on clean drinking water, which is enough money for the whole planet for three years.

“I know you’re not a big water guy,” he adds “because you’re always drinking Diet Coke. Which by the way is not working.”

Trump could also end world hunger for a year with $25 billion. Or employ 50,000 teachers for a decade. Or put 250,000 students through college.

Either way, wasting $25 billion on a wall that will stop no-one would be silly, Fox argues, kind of like “marrying a model who won’t even sleep in the same city as you”.

Perhaps the most cutting part of the video is when Fox holds up an image of Trump as a baby.


“Donald, instead of building a wall, build a bridge across the oceans of time and walk back across it to find this small boy. And tell him that just because his father doesn‘t love him, doesn’t mean he cannot love the world.”

He ends the video with: “Well, I have to get going. I have a busy day of not being hated by the vast majority of my country.”

Followed by a Russian farewell.

Mexico 1. Donald Trump 0.

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