Sparkke Change: A Bubbly White For Marriage Equality


The Sparkke Change Beverage Company breaks new ground with their ‘White Wine Bubbles’ in a can and a cheers to marriage equality.

Well, they’ve gone and done it again… the Sparkke Change Beverage Company* has released a new product, this time targeting the vexing, seemingly never-ending sore that is the marriage equality debate in Australia.

And apart from sticking it to politicians and a few unnamed religious groups courtesy of a socially progressive message, they’ve also gone done what was once ‘the unthinkable’… they’ve put wine in a can!

New Matilda readers might remember Sparkke from such messaging as ‘Consent Can’t Come After You Do’ (an Apple Cider addressing sexual consent); ‘Change The Date’ (a Pilsner targeting Australia Day); ‘Nipples are Nipples’ (a Hard Lemonade tackling gender equality); and ‘Boundless Plains To Share’ (an Alcoholic Ginger Beer highlighting asylum seeker issues).


The crew of women from Adelaide are now out with ‘Say I Do’, a ‘white wine bubbles’ (think ‘champagne’, but they can’t call it that because it’s not grown in Champagne!).

‘Say I Do!’ was launched on Wednesday (May 17) in Adelaide, to coincide with International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (17 May). That’s an annual day which unites millions of people in support of upholding equal human rights for all, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

‘White Wine Bubbles’ is the fifth beverage launched by the Sparkke team, which only hit the market, officially, in January this year in large part courtesy of New Matilda readers…. You folks were the main driving force behind the most successful crowd sourcing campaign ever staged for an alcohol brand in Australia.

Sparkke are taking another plunge, with an even more ambitious goal – they’re trying to raise $150,000 on Pozible to launch ‘Say I Do’, with 10 per cent of direct sales going to the folks at The Equality Campaign (see below), which lobbies hard for marriage equality.

The cost to get ‘Say I Do!’ out the door is significant, due in no small part to the fact the Sparkke team is putting wine in a can, something that traditionaly hasn’t been done in Australia (it’s one of the fastest growing lines in US over the last few years). There’s quite a few technical challenges with putting wine in a can…. More on that in a future article.

Sarah Lyons is the ‘Say I Do!’ winemaker. She describes her creation as a “fruit driven fizz in a can”. She’s being mentored in the role by Australia’s first Female Winemaker of the Year, Rose Kentish (both pictured below).

Sparkke winemaker Sarah Lyons.
Sparkke winemaker Sarah Lyons.

“When we created White Wine Bubbles we wanted to highlight and raise a toast to this significant issue, but also produce a seriously great fizz in a can – an enjoyable drop for wine lovers. The cans offer total portability, reduce wastage that bottles can create, and are perfect for sharing with a friend – so now you can toast to marriage equality every day!”

Lyons has a more personal reason as well.

“As a queer woman who came out at the age of 14, I can speak from personal experience about what it’s like to grow up feeling marginalised. Our marriage equality message is based on Sparkke’s core values of universal fairness, inclusion and social equity.

“It’s fantastic to campaign for the rights of all Australians to marry if they wish to – regardless of their gender or sexuality – and at the same time to produce a great fizz in a can.”

Sparkke winemaker Sarah Lyons.
Sparkke winemaker Sarah Lyons.

Clint McGilvray from The Equality Campaign says, “It is great to see Sparkke getting behind marriage equality and showing their support for every Australian being treated equally. Marriage equality will not change anything for the vast majority of Australians but will make a profound difference to the status and dignity of many.

“All over the country people are asking what they can do to make marriage equality happen. It’s so important for everyone to make their voice heard by getting involved in the campaign for a fair go for every Australian.”

Sparkke’s White Wine Bubbles is available to pre-order now for a limited time at in a 4 x pack ($35 RRP), 12 x pack ($90 RRP) and 24 x pack ($180 RRP). And as with their last campaign, there’s also a special pack just for New Matilda readers.


Product and tasting information

Sparkke’s Bubbles is one of the first wines available in a can in Australia and has been made under the mentorship of Australia’s first Female Winemaker of the Year, Rose Kentish (AWIWA, 2015). A bubbly white wine that is stylistically fruit driven, with attention to minerality, fresh acidity, texture and complexity through the addition of some back vintage wine.

Following on triple figure growth in canned wine in the North American market, Sparkke believes that the portability and portion size benefits inherent in their cans are set to rock the Australian scene. In keeping with their ethos of responsible alcohol consumption, Sparkke’s Bubbles is presented in a slim line 250mL can – approximately 2 restaurant pours and perfect for sharing with a friend.

Grapes in the new wine are sourced from a variety of growers with vineyards in McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. These growers are known for consistently high quality fruit, including Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Arneis.

The Sparkke Change Beverage Company has developed relationships with these growers to continue working with them each year to maintain quality and flavour consistency through grape selection.

A special blend of back vintage wines was added to lift the complexity and uniqueness of flavour – or ‘house style’ of the wine.

White Wine Bubbles is intentionally non-vintage, with the aim that this complexity and uniqueness can then be achieved every year, and the fizz is made with a focus on fragrance, fruit quality and complexity of flavours.


About Sparkke

The Sparkke Change Beverage Company is a progressive social enterprise raising awareness and funds for important social issues through beers, ciders and wine – the great conversation starters of our generation.

Powered by a group of young women in Adelaide, Sparkke values universal fairness, social equity, inclusion, individuality and raw truth.

Think seriously great booze with a social conscience – the refreshing taste of a better future.

For more information on Sparkke, its products, stockists and for online orders, head to their website here. You can find Sparkke on Insta here; on Facebook here; and on Twitter here.

* New Matilda owner Chris Graham is a very proud and rather excited minority shareholder in the parent company which owns Sparkke.

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