Fremantle’s Change The Date Mayor Celebrates ‘Sparkking’ Debate


NEW MATILDA ADVERTORIAL: As the Mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettitt helped spark national outrage by moving the date of local Australia Day celebrations from the 26th to the 28th of January.

The decision of the Fremantle City Council, announced a fortnight ago, drew national and international headlines… and sent Australian conservatives and ‘patriots’ into a fit of pique. The federal government has even threatened to withdraw Fremantle’s right to host citizenship ceremonies unless it restores January 26 as its official celebration date.

Fremantle remains unmoved.

Now, Pettitt has helped ‘Sparkke’ even more change, by ordering a few cartons of ‘Change the date’ Pilsner from the Sparkke Change Beverage Company, along with giving Sparkke’s Pozible fundraising campaign a big plug on his well followed Facebook page.


“I love this idea of brewing beverages with values. The range includes a “Change the Date Pilsner! I’ve just order a few in time for January. Check it out,” writes Pettitt.

As readers know, New Matilda has a small involvement in the company.

There’s about 50 hours of Sparkke’s Pozible campaign left. The team – run by nine young women from Adelaide and Sydney – are 75 per cent of the way to their goal, and have attracted major investments external to the fundraising campaign.

You can pre-order your Sparkke carton – either ‘Change the Date’ Pilsner; ‘Consent Can’t Come After You Do’ Apple Cider; Boundless Plains To Share’ Ginger Beer; or Nipples Are Nipples Lemonade – here.

10 per cent of all direct sales are donated to charities working in Sparkke’s campaign areas. And it helps New Matilda stay alive.

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