Artistic Arse: The Great Racist Works Of Cartoonist Bill Leak


Cartoonist for The Australian Bill Leak has once again caused controversy… which, let’s face it, is exactly what the ageing attention seeker is ultimately after.

In a cartoon for The Australian, Leak takes aim – once again – at Aboriginal people, this time over the Don Dale outrage.

And why not… when Humankind created cartooning, it specifically had in mind exploiting the misery, suffering and torture of Aboriginal children in juvenile detention.

In his defence, Leak has done some quite pro Aboriginal cartoons in the past… which of course (he believes) gives him license to spread a very special kind of bigotry and hatred of Aboriginal culture, and just let whatever twisted thought occupies his brain spill forth, unfiltered, onto paper.

This, of course, is always followed by the defence of ‘cartoon’ and ‘art’.

Essentially, Leak is the ultimate ‘all care no responsibility’ cartoonist, as some of his collected works will reveal.




There’s a good read on Leak here on @IndigenousX.

And a quick declaration from us… we’re ashamed to say Leak is a former cartoonist for New Matilda. In our defence, not for quite a few years… and of course never again.

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