Ode To Pauline: The Four Line Poem About Hanson That We All Wish We Wrote


New Matilda readers are, obviously, the best readers in the country. We should know. And speaking of New Matilda readers, here’s a brief poem penned this morning by NM reader and subscriber Jake Elliot, inspired overnight by… well, over to Jake.

“Seeing as Pauline Hanson got up yesterday, I have penned an ode to the Hansonites, Islamaphobes, bigots, far right, fascists and racists this morning…..

Roses are red,

Halal food is enjoyable,

Could you stop blaming the Muslims,

Because you’re fucking unemployable.


Hanson has picked up at least one Senate spot in Queensland, and claims to be on target to collect a second.

AAP has reported she’s also in the running to win a Senate spot in NSW, and Western Australia.

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