David Leyonhjelm’s National Apology Parody: Why Have People Just Think You’re An Ar**hole, When You Can Remove All Doubt


Maybe it’s because libertarian David Leyonhjelm is angry that Malcolm Turnbull’s double dissolution election will result in him serving just one spectacularly forgettable half-Senate term in parliament.

Or maybe it’s because Leyonhjelm is just genuinely a complete arsehole.

Either way, the fiercely pro-Democracy Senator who only made it to parliament thanks to a confusing name (Liberal Democrats, not Leyonhjelm) and the number one spot on the ballot paper, has released a video that is sure to get him plenty of attention, for all the wrong reasons.

As reported by the Guardian a short time ago, Leyonhjelm has today released a video parodying Kevin Rudd’s National Apology to the Stolen Generations.

The three-minute train wreck, set to morose music, with Leyonhjelm looking a little too much like Philip Ruddock for any kind of comfort, borrows from the words of the National Apology to say ‘sorry’ on behalf of all parliamentarians for the wasted money and years of the ALP and Liberal governments. A point that could have been well made without also mocking the theft of Aboriginal children.

But then, of course, everyone would have just ignored Leyonhjelm, like they usually do. So why not have some fun with a national tragedy?

Maybe that Senate voting change, backed by The Greens, wasn’t so bad after all.


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