Watch: Far-Right Leader’s Effort To Hijack Dairy Farmer Protest Backfires


If you didn’t know about his pro-Nazi, openly racist background, you’d almost feel a bit bad for the guy.

Blair Cottrell, head of the deceptively named ‘United’ Patriots Front, has hitched his very Islamophobic wagon to a new cause this week. And those already on board don’t seem too pleased.

Not content with stoking the overtly fascist element among the Reclaim Australia movement, Cottrell decided to take a stroll with a mixed bag of farmers and polies today, as they gathered in Melbourne.

The protest, which aimed to draw attention to the plight of farmers suffering as a result of low milk prices, included appearances from MPs Nick Xenophon, Bob Katter, and Ricky Muir, as well as a rival animal liberation group.

What exactly the price of milk has to do with the Cottrell’s openly racist ideology we couldn’t tell you for sure, unless it comes down to the popular supremacist slogan ‘white is right’.

But for whatever reason, Cottrell rocked up to the event, weighed down by more flags than a Tony Abbott terrorism presser. Not only did Cottrell march in solidarity, the bulky blogger also decided to share a few words.

Moving to the microphone, Cottrell quickly found his stride, chastising Coles for bullying the dinky di dairy farmers. At this point we should note that Cottrell is not a neo-Nazi in a generalised sense. This is a man who famously hoped to see a portrait of Hitler displayed in every classroom in Australia, and is now involved with the most strident anti-Muslim strains of the far-right.

Evidently, somebody in the audience recognised him.

“Get off,” one person yelled.

Usually a booming orator, Cottrell looked a little shaken. He continued, but the hecklers were not deterred.

“Get off, go away,” the cry rang again.

Cottrell paused and, as the heckles grew in volume, evidently decided it was time to wrap things up.

“Coles is bullying the people of Australia, big business is bullying the people of Australia… thank you for hearing me, I appreciate it.”

Even as he thanked the audience, Cottrell was met with a final sledge. “You’re not a farmer, mate,” somebody yelled. “Get off.”

And he did.

The footage was soon gleefully shared by a Melbourne anti-fascist group.

“Udderly embarrassing footage of Blair Cottrell getting heckled and making a tit of himself at the Dairy Farmers Rally today in Melbourne,” they wrote.

Not usually one for modesty, Cottrell’s United Patriot Front opted not to share the video of his glorious address.

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