Penny Wong Joins Labor’s Trainwreck Express; Tries New Tactic Of Transparent Dishonesty


Labor appears to have got its knickers in one hell of a knot with the Greens. And the feud appears to be making even the more sensible members of the party, like Senator Penny Wong, do very, very silly things.

Earlier today, we brought you the news of the startlingly dishonest ad from Labor which falsely tried to suggest the Greens were considering a formal alliance with the Liberals.

Long story short, the ALP took the end of a quote out of context, threw together an ad, posted it to their Facebook page… and then got horsewhipped on Facebook for their trouble.

Now, Labor Senator Penny Wong has joined in what’s starting to look like a structured and determined Labor campaign of misinformation.

One problem: it’s not just thoroughly dishonest, it’s transparently thoroughly dishonest.

Wong has retweeted, not once, but twice, a tweet from Labor’s Mayor of Leichhardt, Darcy Byrne which suggests the Greens are now openly instructing people how to elect a Liberal government.


That is, admittedly, what appears on the Greens website. And here’s what appears directly above it.


When you’re in a hole Labor, stop digging.


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