A Free Sub For A Photo Of This ‘Journalist’ Not Looking Like Something Out Of Star Trek


Some people go into journalism to change the world. And admittedly some become journalists just because they’re psychopaths.

Over at Daily Mail Australia, Monique Friedlander became a journalist to write this tripe: “My how you’ve changed! Former Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan is almost unrecognisable as singer wanders through airport terminal in casual ensemble”.

And that’s just the headline. Here’s the first few pars.

“She recently stepped back into the spotlight by nabbing a starring role in the stage musical We Will Rock You,” writes Friedlander.

“But Casey Donovan swapped her glamorous on-stage attire for an extremely laid-back look on Thursday as she spent time at an airport ahead of a flight.

“The Australian songstress, 27, was almost unrecognisable as she strolled through the terminal in a pair of layered singlet tops and a set of black shorts.”

Stop the presses: Human appears in society dressed as human. How dare she!


For those unaware, Casey Donovan, a young Aboriginal singer from Sydney, won the second season of Australian Idol.

Hence, she actually makes a living from her voice (which is pretty stunning) not what she wears at the airport.

Friedlander, by contrast, appears to make her living by writing vacuous fluff. Sher lists her profession on LinkedIn as ‘Showbusiness reporter at Daily Mail Australia’.

As it turns out, she’s also trying to kick start a career in high fashion.


Friedlander appears determined to achieve this by wearing outfits that look like they’ve been thrown together by a five-year-old.

Here she is sporting a look that we call ‘Colour Wheel At Star Trek Convention’.

So, we’re offering a free one-year New Matilda subscription (the Burke level subscription, which includes a free 3-DVD gift pack!) to the first reader who sends us a photo of Monique Friedlander looking ‘unrecognisable’… ie. possibly in her tracky-dacks. Email us the pic here.

Anyway, enough about fluff… you can find out more about the amazing Casey Donovan here.

And you can get details about her work in the musical We Will Rock You here.

And to end on a high note, here’s a bit of Casey Donovan at work, recording music… shockingly, she appears to be wearing a black singlet with her hair in a bun.

Oh the humanity!

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