WATCH: Tim Minchin’s George Pell Ditty Helps Raise Thousands To Fly Abuse Survivors To Rome


Tim Minchin, rascally atheist and sometimes Broadway genius, is back. Not exactly subtle when it comes to his views on the Catholic Church (there’s a language warning on that link) Minchin has lined-up Australian Cardinal George Pell in his latest effort, encouraging the Vatican-based clergyman to return to Australia to face questions from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in person. Pell is reportedly too sick to travel.

Minchin appears a little unconvinced by that excuse, however, and shot the video to help raise funds to make sure Pell can’t escape giving evidence in front of the Church’s victims.

“Cardinal George Pell was due to give evidence in Ballarat but is too ill to travel, missing the chance to not only give evidence in person but provide hope to the whole city,” the fundraising page says. “The survivors of Ballarat and District child abuse feel the face-to-face hearing was important for healing and understanding.”

Incredibly, the song has already helped raise $85,654 (and counting) to survivors to watch Pell give evidence in person, though there’s no guarantee he’ll do so in public. They had only hoped to raise $55,000 in the first place.

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