New Matilda Scoops Buzzfeed On Explosive, Amazing, Exclusive Cat Story


It’s a quiet news day over at Buzzfeed – there’s no whistleblowers to mock, there isn’t a Quokka in sight, and Philip Ruddock is on holidays, thus unavailable for a feature piece about how, since his discovery of Snapchat, reported here on Buzzfeed,* he’s using the technology to send provocative messages to small children he jailed while he was Immigration Minister.

So we thought we’d help out.

This vine below – which, channelling Junkee, New Matilda stole from Guardian journalist Katherine Murphy (which, notably, we’re not linking to) – has a clear spiritual home. And that spiritual home is Buzzfeed. Which appears to be out to lunch… sponsored by KFC… how else could they have been scooped on this monster exclusive.

So we’re taking up the fight. Cat violence is a serious issue that Australian media have long ignored. New Matilda is proud to be leading this debate.

Cue the fireworks.

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