Top 10 Reasons To Support New Matilda, With A Bonus Editorial Rant


There’s three days left until the end of the new financial year, and the good news is, New Matilda will survive it.

We’ve navigated our way through a recent financial purple patch, brought on by lower consumer confidence (thanks for that Tony and Joe!) and our world famous capacity to attract legal threats and law suits. But let’s face it, if you’re a media organisation and you’re not pissing off the rich and powerful, then the chances are what you’re actually practicing is called ‘public relations’.

So that’s the good news. We also have some bad news. News Corporation is also going to survive into the new financial year. It seems the well-worn business model of crazy, far-right agenda journalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Worst luck.

But I digress… we got through this last financial year courtesy of a growing revenue base. New Matilda still operates at a loss, and the parent company At Large Media picks up the slack through other contracted work (and on that front, if you know someone or some thing who needs help with public relations, speech and script writing, media and/or political advice, or corporate video/documentary work, have we got a company for you!).

Our growth in revenue in 2014-15 came from an increased readership and subscription base. Long story short, we got a little bit help from a lot of readers and supporters, and we got a LOT of help from a little band of hard-core New Matilda loyalists. They know who they are… as do we (and we’ll never, ever forget them).

All up, a bright end to a challenging financial year.

Speaking of which, there’s three days of it left. And that means you only have just over 72 hours to take advantage of our most inspired subscription drive yet – subscribe to New Matilda within the next three days at the $180 level or above, and you get to pick an Aboriginal business or mainstream not-for-profit to donate NM advertising too.

It’s the subscription that keeps on giving… to you, to us, and to an Aboriginal business or mainstream not-for-profit close to your heart.

We’ve started rolling out the sponsored advertising this weekend, and it will keep coming over the next few weeks. Watch the spaces to the right and if you’re able, click on the ads, check out the organisations who need your help, and support them if you’re able.

In other good news, we’ve also re-instated Paypal as a payment method for a New Matilda subscription or donation. We don’t yet have the capacity to allow for the much loved ‘$15 a month’ pay-as-you-go subscription, but it’s only a few weeks away.

In closing, we’d like to thank our readers for their much-valued support and we promise you plenty of hard-hitting independent journalism for the next financial year.

And if you haven’t yet subscribed to NM – and helped strike a blow for independent media – below is the Top 10 Reasons You Should Subscribe To New Matilda Today.

1. We’re not News Corporation.

2. We’re putting the subscription prices up slightly in the new financial year once the new website is complete (although our concession rate remains the same).

3. We’re still not News Corporation.

4. After June 30, you’ll only be able to give away New Matilda advertising to organisations you love if you subscribe at the rates higher than $180. That means just three days left to subscribe at the $180 level and squeeze us for some free advertising.

5. News Corporation doesn’t like us, and often attacks us. Last month it was Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt, prior to that Sharri Markson and The Australian, including a thoroughly awesome front page Saturday lead which alleged we were part of a plot to bring down the Prime Minister… which is of course true, we were. Although we prefer to call it ‘journalism’… they should try it sometime – it’s a lot of fun.

6. Barry Spurr. Frances Abbott. Etc.

7. Every subscription to New Matilda is a kick in the balls to Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation.

8. People – lefties in particular – rail about the appalling behavior of the mainstream media. The solution is obvious – subscribe to and support independent media (like us!)

9. The more subscribers and donations we get, the more resources we can employ to exposing the ridiculousness that is the daily bile spewing forth from News Corporation.

10. You’re helping support ethical, independent journalism and providing a vehicle for a platform whose sole aim is to hold power to account, and keep the bastards honest.

Subscribe today. Feel warm and fuzzy tomorrow. Help your favourite Aboriginal business or mainstream not-for-profit tomorrow.

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