A Letter From The NM Editors


March is going to be a major fundraising month for New Matilda. In fact, we’re hoping it will be our final fundraising round for 2012.

Our regular readers will know that at the end of 2011 we began fundraising for 2012, and although we have a base of over 1000 paid subscribers, we didn’t quite get to our target. We are running without a full budget, and without enough staff. It’s been a labour of love to get this far, but we don’t think New Matilda can continue — let alone grow and thrive — as it is right now.

With 1082 subscribers signed up so far for 2012, we need another 418 of our readers to become paid subscribers in order to keep New Matilda publishing for the rest of the year. We don’t want New Matilda to close, but we have to tell you that we’re at the point now where without the funding we need, we will have to make that decision.

We’re using this month to remind you why more than 1000 people across Australia believe in New Matilda enough to help fund our work.

We’re excited to be launching our fundraising campaign in the same week that we’re publishing the first article from New Matilda’s investigation into Detachment 88 and Australia’s role in the Indonesian counter-terror effort.

We want to keep bringing you independent coverage of Australia politics both at home and abroad — but it quite simply costs money. Our supporters have consistently told us that they value diversity in media ownership, and having New Matilda online and producing truly independent coverage of Australian affairs. We’re proud to bring you exclusive writing by our national affairs correspondent Ben Eltham and the rest of our contributors from across Australia. We’re proud to bring you the satire of Ben Pobjie and the work of cartoonist Fiona Katauskas.

We want to keep publishing these writers. We want New Matilda going strong as a voice for independent media in Australia, and we need your financial support.

You can become a subscriber for just $7.34 a month, or if you’re a passionate supporter and can afford to pay a bit more, you can become a Keen Supporter for $13.75. For all the subscription options, please visit our subscription page.

If you’re already a subscriber, but would like to help out in another way, here are a few things you can do:

  • Buy an organisational subscription on behalf of your company.
  • Help us spread the word! We’d appreciate a tweet or Facebook update telling your network why you support New Matilda, and why you think they should be reading and supporting us too.
  • Use your fame! If you’re a New Matilda supporter with your own blog, podcast, radio show, TV show or any other kind of soapbox, we’d appreciate it if you’d take some time this month to talk about New Matilda’s fundraising drive. We are happy to work with you to put together a story about the importance of funding quality journalism, or media diversity, or the future of journalism in the internet age. If you’d like to do a story or interview someone from New Matilda, please contact our fundraising campaign manager, Sarah Stokely, on 0403 800 991.

Thanks again, for all your support. We’ll keep you posted about how the fundraising campaign is going throughout March. And now it’s back to the news!

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