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It’s official: online media outlets need cash. The Australian online is now paywalling content. Things are so tight at Holt Street that even News Ltd journos have to pay to access their own stories, as Adam Brereton reports in NM.

Here at New Matilda, our content is still accessible to anyone who wants to read it. But we’re still treading a very fine line financially. We need more NM readers to become financial supporters if we’re to be able to keep publishing in 2012. Sign up on a month by month basis to help keep us online.

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Last week we brought you breaking coverage of events in West Papua that were neglected by the bigger media outlets. If you missed the follow up coverage, including exclusive photos and footage of the violent crackdown and its aftermath, you can see it here. It’s these kind of stories that we think NM was made for — and we want to keep holding the other media to account by swimming against the stream of managed information that you so often encounter elsewhere.

There was a strong response to our September fundraising blitz. We were gratified by the number of readers who put their hands in their pockets to support the site (947 of you so far). But we’ve still got a long way to go!

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